Beaux-Arts Beautification

Washington, DC

Although its backing to beautiful Rock Creek Park created a stunning backdrop for this home, its location presented a challenge for the construction team. The site had little to no access around the home, so we had to carry all materials and heavy equipment through the front door of the house and up three floors — and build structures like custom cabinets and bookcases inside.  We also encountered multiple structural issues that resulted in complete demolition and reconstruction of the ground-level floor.

Despite these issues, we delivered a townhome that showcased its scenic surroundings with a rooftop deck, a sunny breakfast nook, and a rear-addition dining room with sun terrace on the roof above.

Project Details

In building additions to the home like this breakfast nook facing Rock Creek Park, our team had to make sure our construction plans adhered to the strict zoning rules of the Georgetown Preservation Society.